One-on-One Tutoring Session: The Basics for KIDS (Ages 5-18)

Does your kiddo have an interest in photography or would you like to expose them to a new creative outlet? This may be for you! I love working with kids and would love to teach your child the basics of photography in a way that's fun and creative, with little pressure, building confidence and an eagerness to go home and keep at it or come back and learn more!

I started taking photos of my stuffed animals and pets when I was about 7, so it's really never too early! If your child has their own camera that's great, or I can provide one for them to use during the session. I will cater our session info to your child's age and experience as best I can to get the very most from our time together. From each session, we will play and have fun and pick our favorite beautiful image to email to mom and dad to show how very creative we are!

150 per half hour

One-on-One Tutoring Session: Basic Shooting for ADULTS

Do you have a nice SLR Camera that you've love to learn how to better utilize? A 1 hour session may be just the kick start you need! I work with so many amazing families every year and hear from many of you that you or one of your family members has a great camera and would love to use it more throughout the year to capture moments of your kiddos. Let me help!​

After just an hour, I'm confident you will feel much more comfortable going out on your own, with a better understanding of the basic terms of photography and features your camera is capable of!

This is designed for folks who have never taken a photography class before and will cover the basics of composition, shutter speed, aperture, ISO, how they all work together and what different occasions call for in terms of settings. Throughout we will discuss and then shoot, discuss more, shoot more and so on. Student must provide their own SLR camera.

200 per hour

One-on-One Tutoring Session: Basic Editing Tricks for ADULTS

With a basic understanding of shooting under your belt either from my Basic Shooting tutoring session or a former class in photography, this time will be spent kick starting your use of editing software. 

This is designed for folks who have never taken an editing class before and will cover learning about importing your images, adjusting exposure, highlights, shadows, white balance, contrast, distortion, and other settings and how to organize and export your images.

Bringing your own laptop with editing software may result in better retention; but it will be possible for me to teach you on my machine if needed. Editing will be taught on either iPhoto or Adobe Lightroom.

$200 per hour

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