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Win is a proud fronterizo from El Paso, TX who has spent years uplifting the narratives of community groups along the border, throughout greater Texas, and Latina public leaders in the effort hold the power of representation in political spaces. He chronicled the community grieving process of the largest attack on Mexicans in American history in El Paso and has spent extensive time with the dreamer community.


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A native Central Texan and daughter of Texas Democratic politicians, Mariana is committed to social and environmental justice locally and globally. She has undergraduate and graduate degrees in global health and has worked as a teacher, researcher, non-profit leader, and political campaign manager. She is passionate about using photography as a tool for uplifting others, documenting history, and increasing representation of marginalized communities in the media. She volunteers at the Festival Beach Food Forest, is involved in the Austin queer community, and enjoys kayaking and camping whenever she can.


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Rachel is new to the CCR Studios team in 2021 but so talented and is quickly gaining lots of experience photographing political events and portraits! Already a valuable member and we are grateful for her work.

Portfolio COMING SOON!



Jacob joined the CCR Team in 2022 and we are so glad to have his talent in both the photo and video departments!

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Ahna is new to the team in 2022 but will quickly have a full slate, as her talent and passion for both art and politics are sure to be a perfect fit going into this election cycle!


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New to the team but already a valuable member, Christian is a fantastic editor and budding photographer. We are lucky to have his talent and you're sure to see  more and more of him in 2022!

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Kimberlee is an Austin Texas native (or what they call a unicorn) and Mom of two awesome kiddos. She's a photographer of 5 years, specializing and honing her skills in portraits, weddings, events, family portraits and product photography as well. She is also an artist, painting watercolor home portraits and acrylic abstract expressionistic pieces. In 2015, she signed with an art distributer that now sells copies of her 2015 collection on multiple websites including amazon, Walmart,, overstock and many more. She's an actress, studying acting in a Meisner intensive program and currently writing projects. Kimberlee loves kids, learning new things, being outdoors, surfing and belly laughing.

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Barb was one of the first to join the team in 2015. Her family portraits and head shots are some of the best in Austin! Barb is the sweetest to work with, you will not be dissapointed!


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Chris is an insanely talented video editor we are so, so glad to be working with! Chris joined the team in 2021 and will definitely be relied on more and more as the CCR video production grows.

Portfolio COMING SOON!


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Alissa and I are neighbors, parents three of same age kiddos and became quick friends when she began working with us in 2020! She now leads the CCR Studios social media strategy team, helping clients manage, grow and engage with their audiences on all the social platforms.

Portfolio COMING SOON!


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Alden helps keep those profiles engaged and audiences growing on your socials behind the scenes! She joined the team in 2021 and we are so grateful for her time and talent!

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Gertie and I go back many, many years...2010? She has always been and will always be my most trusted source for make-up and hair and she's just such a lovely person too! Thanks for making us shine, Gertie + team!

Portfolio COMING SOON!


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Tiff and I met when I published True to Form and I basically keep finding things to write about so we can keep hanging out! Tiff is a bestselling author, seasoned editor, and expert publisher who has managed over two hundred book launches!

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