"I received the coloring book today and it is AMAZING! I can’t wait to get the other books in the series. Thank you so much for using the “words we use,” stats from Everytown, and for focusing on the practical message as well as the emotional and social well-being of the reader/artist. Wow-just WOW." - Terri Gonzales, Moms Demand Action Lead Volunteer


My goal for this book is to foster a healthy discussion around gun violence prevention between caretakers, educators and children. The activity of coloring is not only stress and anxiety reducing and good for brain health but provides a helpful distraction from the seriousness and pressure that sometimes comes with addressing big issues with children.


I highly encourage caretakers and children color alongside each other, as they discuss these big ideas and talk through the terms, actions, feelings and fears that may arise with each page. This book is meant to educate a young audience on gun safety and actions a young activist can take to begin familiaring themselves with civic engagement and the movement to end gun violence. The Resources page in the back provides contact to valuable organizations for both getting involved, gun safety, keeping your home safe, suicide prevention and community programs available.


Always, always ASK if there is a gun in the home that your child is visiting. If there is, ask if it is locked away from the kids and if the ammo is kept in a separate place. Asking saves lives. *One in three homes contain at least one gun, with 265 million civilian-owned nationwide. It is our job as adults to keep our children safe from preventable gun violence/accidents.


I Am A Gun Safety Activist!