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Matagorda Bay Nature Reserve (LCRA) - 3 hours from Austin

Updated: Feb 9

LCRA's Matagorda Bay did not disappoint. Although the nature and science centers and mini-golf were closed, the beach just down the road was clean and wasn’t overly-crowded. The park sits where the Colorado River meets the ocean, and we landed a baby Black Tip shark while fishing there (released of course).

Nearby, you’ll also find horseback rides along the beach. Our ride was hosted by Travis Caffee of Thunder Horse Outfitters with his traveling herd of rescue horses. Hermit crabs are everywhere and the beach is FULL of shells! This is our new favorite coastal getaway and we will definitely be back soon.

Pro-tip: Mosquito spray and tons of it! Maybe it was just this time of year but we experienced a lot of them at the RV camping area of the park. (Disclaimer: Not all photos are on park property but definitely part of the park visiting experience.)

Featured in the Austin American Statesman's, GET AWAY AND TAKE A DIP, Summer 2020

Featured in Secluded Waterfront Campgrounds Close to Home

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