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Ghost town, Geese and Riverfront Bliss at 7A Ranch

Updated: Feb 9

“Where are the geese?!” asked the kids in a playful yet shifty eyed, nervous tone. A small flock of geese greeted us every so often outside the riverside cabin door, and approached us in a hungry and hissing manner. We would all belly laugh while running for our lives! Best kept at a distance, the geese visitors are one of the many charms that make 7A Ranch in Wimberley, TX such a unique experience.

Even on a January visit, somehow the kids all mustered up the courage with a mix of unbridled energy and adrenaline to jump in the pool multiple times. Squealing with delight as they jumped in unison and splashed around for five minutes, ultimately running to the hot shower for relief. When they weren’t drawn to the pool, the kids were down by the river, building dams, rerouting the little streams for hours on end, skipping stones, rope swinging, and telling stories.

The sunsets over this riverfront property were hard to beat whether viewed from the river, pool, fireside or Pioneer Town, which is 7A’s re-creation of an 1800’s town square and feels like a ghost town. Their General Store is open but due to Co-vid restrictions, the Ice Cream Parlor and Museum are closed.

Regardless, the kids loved romping up and down the streets of this fantasy ghost town, peeking in the abandoned windows, spinning on the small carousel, and riding the town’s unofficial mascot horse. Seeing posts about 7A and Pioneer Town, I will admit to being a little confused at the relation between the two, so to help explain, Pioneer Town is a cool attraction on the 142 acres that make up 7A Ranch but does not define the style of the ranch as a whole.

The property offers a variety of different accommodations: Cantina Cabins (newly built, modern cabins which we enjoyed), Classic Cabins, Cantina Lofts (larger homes), and Lodge homes for large groups and more.

After a day full of swimming, swinging, frisbee playing, geese avoiding, and running free, we all enjoyed winding down over a late night campfire listening to a mix of 80’s hair bands and old country. The kids would sneak away to tell their own stories of adventures from the day.

Tired feet and sticky s’mores hands make for a good night’s sleep for kiddos and parents alike. A day after getting home from 7A, both our parties booked a return stay. What they say is true about 7A, it will become your new favorite little, close-to-home family getaway, just like the founding family intended over seventy years ago.

*Use code: WINTER for 10% off your stay at 7A Ranch and a free s’mores kit thru Feb 2021! You won’t regret it!

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