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Dino-magic in our Own Backyard

Updated: Feb 27

I'll be honest, I kept my mind open on this one, in the event that it wasn't quite as cool as I thought it may be. I was right to do so. It was cooler!

Dinosaur Park in Cedar Creek, TX (next door to Bastrop, TX), was such a treat, especially for our toddler in tow. Built in 2005 by a family with dinosaur obsessed kiddos, the park was created to help fill a void for kids (and adults) looking for dinosaur fun & education "in the wild" as opposed to in a museum. Based on their website, I couldn't really get an accurate idea of just how large the dinosaurs would be or what the experience would be like almost at all, so let me help explain!

When you arrive, you pass a trailer park and a small-ish billboard for the park, winding down a gravel road...this had me wondering what we had in store. You land at a parking lot and a small looking warehouse type building with a few just larger than human size dinosaurs out front. "Ok, these guys are pretty cool," I thought to myself, showing them off to my toddler, hoping there would be more but not holding my breath.

Entering the warehouse, it opens up into a huge gift shop! Very spacious racks of fun dino-themed knick knacks, a reception area for ticket purchases, and multiple private (and I'll add clean) bathrooms as well. We didn't stay long, as we are all about staying outdoors these days, but mask wearing is a requirement while inside the store and cooperation was 100%.

Once you exit the store, you land on a large playground with some dinosaurs but also just regular play scapes, swings, sandbox with dinosaur bones to dig for, etc! We probably spent 30-45 minutes running around and checking everything out before even entering the dinosaur trail. The pair of Brachiosaurus' mark the entrance of the trail!

If I had to guess, the trail is maybe 1/2 mile tops. My 3 year old could easily do the whole thing without being carried. The trail is marked with both big dinosaurs out in the wild, as well as sneaky little bug or bird creature mysteries, where tiny creatures are hidden and a sign explains what to try and find.

The sheer size of the dinosaurs really surprised me! The effort in creating these sculptures is impressive to say the least and the colors were in great shape as well, which couldn't be easy to maintain either.

All in all, we had a great afternoon here and would recommend it! Our hope is that they do a Halloween lit night trail or hayride, which would be super fun. Check out more photos from the trail below >>

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