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500 Waves (Privately Owned) - 90 minutes from Austin

Updated: Feb 9

A little slice of beachy heaven on the Llano River, this spot, privately owned by a very friendly and responsive host, is a little track of land with a singular RV electric hook up, one toilet facility, and one tent camping area just a short walk up from the river. My kids loved this spot for its shallow creek bed appeal and its little pockets of deeper water with very tame rapids to make things a little exciting. I loved it because I could chill on the shore right by them and not worry about the conditions being too rough or too dangerous. Just down the road is a more expansive river crossing on CR 102 that's fun for playing in small rapids, catching minnows and creek stomping too.

Available for rent on HIPCAMP

Pro-tip: Aquasocks would be recommended for walking on the pebble/stone riverbed, sandals let the little stones between your toes and barefoot is a little rough on the feet.

Featured in the Austin American Statesman's, GET AWAY AND TAKE A DIP, Summer 2020

Featured in Secluded Waterfront Campgrounds Close to Home

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