​When preparing for your photo shoot, below are a few things to keep in mind that may help!

  • Solid colors that compliment your skin tones are always preferable over busy patterns or any graphics or text. 

  • For head shots, it is great to have a few quick wardrobe accessory options such as a jacket or scarf for a splash of color. It can be nice to have a colorful solid blouse or dress with a solid contrasting jacket or sweater.

  • Clean lines are good - nothing too busy, bulky, etc.

  • If you want, bring some jewelry options as well; or men, bring some ties to interchange. Although I will warn you, I cannot tie a tie :( 

  • Always dress from head to toe with coordinated shoes, etc. so you are ready for a full length shot if necessary. In studio the shots will be waist up only.

  • If you wear sunglasses/glasses a lot, be careful of them making a little indention on your nose or the sides of your face - you may want to go without them for a few minutes before your shoot so those don't happen.

  • Smiling over and over can get old! Bring some water to help hydrate and refresh between shots!