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Three beautiful babies call me momma, and my husband, Will and I live in South Austin. We love house hunting, playing Scrabble and adventuring with the kids, hosting family potluck dinners and camper renovating! 

I am an Austin native, graduated with a Fine Arts Degree in Studio Art from the University of Texas and have been a full-time freelance photographer since 2013.

Told through the most candid, authentic moments within any shoot, I aim to help families, businesses, experiences, programming and people tell a unique story through powerful imagery.   

In 2018, I created CCR Press and published True to Form, a Heartfelt Collection from Beto O'Rourke's 2018 U.S. Senate Campaign and I Am An Activist!, a coloring book for kids about civic engagement and personal empowerment. In 2019, I published I Am a Women's Rights Activist!, I Am a Gun Safety Activist! and in 2020, Co-Authored and published, Boss Texas Women.

"As a champion supporting the efforts she holds dear, Casey is tireless in her efforts to lift up those causes with positive, powerful imagery. At almost any important event I attend, I can expect to see Casey, documenting and creating indelible images that last in our community’s shared memory. In some ways, Casey is both a historian and a change agent—we can look back at important social and political moments in Central Texas through her keen eye, but also we know that we think of Austin and of Texas differently because of her photography.  -Congressman, Greg Casar

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